Know the All Newly Made Bonita Photo Collage Maker App On Google Play


This amazing photo edit app, Bonita Photo Collage Maker App, is more of the regular application for editing and sharing fantastic photos because it provides users with more options than any other apps.

Firstly, do you want to do something amazing now? If the answer is YES or Yeah, then off course you are not going to get bored with your default photos again before something new has just landed.

Preview of Special Features of the App:

  • Amazing Application User Interface with Awesome Graphics.
  • Beautiful Frames to Arrange Pictures.

  • Save your Newly Arranged Pictures in your SD Cards.

  • Share Photo Collaged Picture with your friends and make fun.

  • No Permanent Internet Connection Required.

  • Zoom in, Zoom out, Move up, and Move down Features to Arrange Pictures.


Secondly, would you like to arrange your photos in beautiful new frames and turn your photos more live as they help you express yourself in a more elegant way? If you said YES, then you have never been more right and truly got correct answer and here is the application to install.

Quick Steps to Use this Bonita Photo Collage Maker App:

  1. Download the App, if you still have not yet;
  2. Open the App on your Android device;
  3. Locate the Star and Vertical Arrow on the landing page;
  4. Click on the East cost pointing arrow to access frames;
  5. Scroll down and up to look for the right frame as your choice;
  6. Touch or click on the photo frame to select and choose it;
  7. A new page opens and you notice two white spots, empty;
  8. Point finger in any space of the white empty spot of the photo frame;
  9. A new window will open and it takes you to your photos on device;
  10. Choose any photo on your device that you want to use in the frame;
  11. The photo will be displayed in the selected frame spot;
  12. Touch in on your photo in the frame to rotate it or resize it or move it around or just arrange it as you want in its spot;
  13. Once done with first photo frame, now click in the remaining white empty spot of the frame;
  14. You can now upload another picture as previously done and place it in the frame’s spot as per your preference;
  15. When you are done with the photo arranging process, now look at the upper bar for next steps;
  16. Choose the download sign folder to save your new pictures on your device; or choose the share sign folder to share your picture externally on social networks, or choose the photo sign folder to take a picture directly with your device camera in order to use it on the app, or choose the image sign folder to access images on your device;
  17. When you are done here and wish to exit from this window, just hit the go-back feature on your android device;
  18. A small window will pop up to ask you to confirm if you want to exit, if yes, then hit on YES option in red color and you will be taken back to the page with the entire list of frames available on this app;
  19. You can choose a new frame if you want to create another picture frame or you can just hit the go-back option on your Android device and you will be taken back to the main landing page;
  20. At this point, feel free to click on the Star sign located on the bottom bar of the App and you will be sent back to Google App Store where you can review our App as a gesture of kindness since this App is for free and kindness is nice when it is freely shared.


Thirdly, this application also allows you to re-mix your photos and can arrange theme in awesome frames to reproduce new quality HD images, all yours, to share with friends, family, and beloved ones via Twiter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many message applications available on your devices.

How to Get Sister Apps on Android:

  • Locate the mention “YohanesTech Apps” under the name of this App in order to go to our developer page on Google Play;
  • Click on it or just search for “YohanesTech Apps” in the search bar of Google Play Store and click on the right choice to go to our developer page;
  • View the list of amazingly wonderful Apps for Android devices, all nicely made and distributed for free here on Google Play;
  • Download, enjoy and rate us to tell our developers how we are doing and what you expect from us next time.
  • Please, note that many of our Apps were developed as a response to reviews of loyal users like yourself.

Finally, please, feel free to rate and share this application. As we are continuously working on this Photo Android Edit App to serve you best, your opinion through app ratings on Google Play or emails to use or review article or whichever means you choose to express yourself, will surely help us understand you better and know what to include or remove in our next version of this App whenever you release one. We invite you to keep tuned for updates and thank you dearly for reading out our entire text. Did you know that you are one of few who have take their time and done this from top to bottom? Very appreciated. Thank you!


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