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 version 1.3 download now
For model 1.three, we give attention to designing on-line retailer pages. Now you’ll be able to obtain trend retailer design with 24 new PSD design for on-line retailer pages. Yow will discover some different retailer designs, resembling: full dwelling web page, customary dwelling web page with Bootstrap grid system, four columns Article class pages, three columns Merchandise class Pages, 2 columns Gadgets Class Pages, Pages listing Fashion with sidebar and with out sidebar, web page, order web page, obtained order web page, and many others. You may flip this web page into WooCommerse, Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, Shopify, Virtuemart, Zen Cart and different eCommerse administration programs. Take pleasure in it!

 version 1.2 Right now
BOO model 1.2 authorised now (November 21, 2015), 21 new ddded PSD recordsdata for this new model. For this newest model, I provide some different designs for the weblog web page. There’s a weblog web page a column, two column weblog web page, three column weblog web page, 4 column weblog web page and a weblog web page for all columns. You may select the perfect design of the weblog web page with out sidebar, left sidebar or proper sidebar. 82 PSD designs have been included within the buy file. Take pleasure in it .. !!

Pricey all! After he launched Coco PSD Template. Now, I'm again to indicate you BOO Wonderful PSD template with many assorted designs that you need to use for a lot of functions and form of your online business. It's distinctive and powerful !! You’ll adore it!

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BOO PSD Template is an ideal design for firms, company, Digital Company, Freelancer, Cloud Internet hosting Firm, Internet Company, Internet Designer, UIX Designer, Cellular Utility Designer, Internet Developer, Programmer,, Cellular App, Company, Group, Group, Firm Profile, Private Portfolio, Inventive Weblog, Training, Faculty, Lawyer, and far more … You may view all superb captures right here .

BOO has multipuputa designs which are simple to customise. We provide many kinds, resembling darkish, gentle, trendy, clear, skilled, contemporary, easy, full colours, traditional, elegant, delicate and many others. We use the most recent model of Bootstrap grid system, you’ll be able to convert this text to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML Website Template or different content material administration system with ease.

61 PSD recordsdata included within the newest model (model 1.1 – up to date November 1, 2015). I present a clear design for sub pages or inside pages. I've included About Us pages, service pages, staff pages, Portfolio pages, portfolio element pages, and many others. I hope you'll love this BOO PSD Template. Designed for all. Take pleasure in now !! Thanks  :) "title =" :)

Chek Out All web page designs superb

 21 incredible homepage designs

Some options behind the BOO !

 ver.1.0.0 features
 many variations
 organized covers
 gifts used
 free google fonts
 bootstrap grid system
 subpages available
 save your money
 Free web icons
 style light and dark
 items included
 online support

 Coco PSD Template ver 1.3.0 Now
 is still in packaging
 continues on behance  continues on twitter
 continues on facebook

Traits of the template (newest model 1.1)

  • 128 Spectacular Pixel good and with PSDs in layers of shade.
  • Primarily based on Boostrap Grid System Newest model.
  • Distinctive, superb 21, and plenty of web page designs from varian.
  • Every web page is totally layered and arranged with correct names.
  • Straightforward to search out the identify of recordsdata, folder, layers, goups.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY, Purchase One Get Many PSDs.
  • SAVE your vitality, there isn’t a must design Sketch.
  • 24 full demo pages prepared to make use of.
  • Simply customizable Photoshop recordsdata.
  • Tremendous clear and clear structure.
  • Spectacular and artistic design.
  • Spectacular and trendy design.
  • Nice and clear weblog design.
  • Icons based mostly on free font.
  • Mild and darkish type.
  • SAVE your time.
  • Pixel good.
  • Utterly customizable.
  • Free fonts from Google.
  • Freebies Used.
  • Some Included Gadgets.
  • Nice Help 24/7.
  • And far more …

PSD recordsdata embrace
For model 1.2, I’ve included 82 psd recordsdata for this template:


  1. 01_01_01_BOO_Homepage CREATIVE Version_1.psd
  2. 01_01_02_BOO_Homepage CREATIVE Version_2_Dark.psd
  3. 01_02_01_BOO_Homepage CLEAN Version_1.psd
  4. 01_02_02_BOO_Homepage CLEAN Version_2_Dark.psd
  5. 01_03_01_BOO_Homepage AGENCY version_1.psd
  6. 01_03_02_BOO_Homepage AGENCY version_2.psd
  7. 01_04_01_BOO_Homepage CORPORATE Version_1.psd
  8. 01_05_01_BOO_Homepage ELEGANTE .psd
  9. 01_06_01_BOO_Homepage STUDIO Version_1.psd
  10. 01_06_02_BOO_Homepage STUDIO Version_2_Dark.psd
  11. 01_07_01_BOO_Homepage CLASSIC .psd
  12. 01_08_01_BOO_Homepage FLAT Blue .psd
  13. 01_08_02_BOO_Homepage FLAT Purple .psd
  14. 01_09_01_BOO_Homepage BUSINESS Yellow .psd
  15. 01_09_02_BOO_Homepage BUSINESS Purple .psd
  16. 01_10_01_BOO_Homepage HOSTING Blue .psd
  17. 01_10_02_BOO_Homepage HOSTING Purple .psd
  18. 01_10_03_BOO_Homepage CLOUD Version_3.psd
  19. 01_11_01_BOO_Homepage MOBILE APP .psd
  20. 01_12_01_BOO_Homepage ATTORNEY .psd
  21. 01_13_01_BOO_Homepage College .psd


02.01 BOO Inventive

  1. 02_01_01_BOO_Creative_HOMEPAGE.psd
  2. 02_01_02_BOO_Creative_ABOUT.psd
  3. 02_01_03_BOO_Creative_SERVICES.psd
  4. 02_01_04_BOO_Creative_PORTFOLIO_01_Masonry.psd
  5. 02_01_04_BOO_Creative_PORTFOLIO_02_2Columns.psd
  6. 02_01_05_BOO_Creative_PORTFOLIO_Detail_Center.psd
  7. 02_01_06_BOO_Creative_BLOG.psd
  8. 02_01_07_BOO_Creative_BLOG_Detail.psd
  9. 02_01_08_BOO_Creative_CONTACT.psd
  10. 02_01_09_BOO_Creative_ERROR404.psd

02.02 BOO Cleansing

  1. 02_02_01_BOO Clear HOME PAGE .psd
  2. 02_02_02_BOO Cleansing ABOUT .psd
  3. 02_02_03_BOO Clear SERVICES .psd
  4. 02_02_04_BOO Clear PORTFOLIO 01 A Column .psd
  5. 02_02_04_BOO Clear PORTFOLIO 02 Two Columns .psd
  6. 02_02_04_BOOClean PORTFOLIO 03 Three Columns .psd
  7. 02_02_04_BOO Clear PORTFOLIO 04 4 columns .psd
  8. 02_02_05_BOO Clear PORTFOLIO Element .psd
  9. 02_02_06_BOO Checklist of fresh BLOGS 01 Boxed .psd
  10. 02_02_06_BOO Clear BLOG Checklist 02 Fullwidth grey background .psd
  11. 02_02_06_BOO Clear BLOG Checklist 03 Fullwidth White Background .psd
  12. 02_02_07_BOO Clear BLOG Element .psd
  13. 02_02_08_BOO Clear CONTACT .psd
  14. 02_02_09_BOO Clear ERROR 404 .psd

03. PAGES (Up to date on ver 1.1)

  1. 03_01_01_BOO_Page_ABOUT_ver1.psd
  2. 03_01_01_BOO_Page_ABOUT_ver2.psd
  3. 03_02_01_BOO_Page_SERVICE_ver1.psd
  4. 03_02_01_BOO_Page_SERVICE_ver2.psd
  5. 03_03_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_01_fullwidth_5Columns.psd
  6. 03_03_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_02_fullwidth_3Columns.psd
  7. 03_03_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_03_fullwidth_4Columns.psd
  8. 03_03_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_04_fullwidth_Masonry_ver1.psd
  9. 03_03_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_05_fullwidth_masonry_ver2.psd
  10. 03_03_02_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_01_1Column.psd
  11. 03_03_02_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_02_2Columns.psd
  12. 03_03_02_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_03_3Columns.psd
  13. 03_03_02_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_04_4Columns.psd
  14. 03_04_01_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_Detail_ver1.psd
  15. 03_04_02_BOO_Page_PORTFOLIO_Detail_ver2.psd
  16. 03_05_01_BOO_Page_Team_ver1.psd

04. BLOGS (Up to date to model 1.2)

  1. 04_01_01_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_1Column.PSD
  2. 04_01_02_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_2Columns.PSD
  3. 04_01_03_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_3Columns.PSD
  4. 04_01_04_BOO Weblog List_01_No_Sidebar_4Columns.PSD
  5. 04_01_05_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  6. 04_01_06_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  7. 04_01_07_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  8. 04_01_08_BOO Blog_List_01_No_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  9. 04_01_09_BOO Checklist of blogs_01_No_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  10. 04_01_10_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_1Column.PSD
  11. 04_01_11_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_2Columns.PSD
  12. 04_01_12_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_3Columns.PSD
  13. 04_01_13_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_2Columns.PSD
  14. 04_01_14_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_2Columns.PSD
  15. 04_01_15_BOO Weblog List_02_Right_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD
  16. 04_01_16_BOO Weblog List_03_Left_Sidebar_1Column.PSD
  17. 04_01_17_BOO Weblog List_03_Left_Sidebar_2Columns.PSD
  18. 04_01_18_BOO Checklist of blogs_03_Left_Sidebar_3Columns.PSD
  19. 04_01_19_BOO Weblog List_03_Left_Sidebar_4Columns.PSD
  20. 04_01_20_BOO Weblog List_03_Left_Sidebar_5Columns.PSD
  21. 04_01_21_BOO Checklist of blogs_03_Left_Sidebar_MixColumns.PSD

05. ONLINE SHOP (Up to date model 1.three)

  1. 05_01_01_01_BOO Style store HOMEPAGE_Ver_1.PSD
  2. 05_01_01_02_BOO Style store HOMEPAGE_Ver_2.PSD
  3. 05_01_02_01_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page four Columns.PSD
  4. 05_01_02_02_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page three Columns.PSD
  5. 05_01_02_03_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page 2 Columns.PSD
  6. 05_01_03_01_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page four Columns Left Sidebar .PSD
  7. 05_01_03_02_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page three Columns Left Sidebar .PSD
  8. 05_01_03_03_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page 2 Columns Left Sidebar .PSD
  9. 05_01_04_01_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page four Columns Proper Sidebar .PSD
  10. 05_01_04_02_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page three Columns Proper Sidebar .PSD
  11. 05_01_04_03_BOO Style Retailer Class Web page 2 Columns Proper Sidebar .PSD
  12. 05_01_05_01_BOO Style Checklist of the Class of the Web page Fashion.PSD
  13. 05_01_05_02_BOO Style Retailer Class Checklist of the web page Fashion Left Sidebar .PSD
  14. 05_01_05_03_BOO Style Retailer Class Checklist Web page Fashion Proper Sidebar .PSD
  15. 05_01_06_01_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_Bottom_Thumbnail_Left_Image .PSD
  16. 05_01_06_02_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_Bottom_Thumbnail_Right_Image .PSD
  17. 05_01_06_03_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_Left_Thumbnail.PSD
  18. 05_01_06_04_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_Right_Thumbnail.PSD
  19. 05_01_07_01_BOO Style retailer Item_Detail_TAB_Content_Additional_Information.PSD
  20. 05_01_07_02_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_TAB_Content_Buyer_Guide.PSD
  21. 05_01_07_03_BOO Style Retailer Item_Detail_TAB_Content_Reviews.PSD
  22. 05_01_08_01_BOO trend store Particulars of purchasing cart.PSD
  23. 05_01_08_02_BOO Style Retailer Checkout .PSD
  24. 05_01_08_03_BOO Order of the style retailer obtained .PSD


Model 1.1; November 25, 2015

- The brand new model 1.three has been launched.
- Add a brand new folder 05_ONLINE_STORES with 24 new PSD recordsdata.
- Complete of 106 PSD recordsdata within the purchasing archive.

Model 1.2; November 21, 2015

- The brand new model 1.2 has been launched.
- Add a brand new 04_BLOGS folder with 21 new PSD recordsdata.
- Complete 82 PSD recordsdata within the purchasing archive.

Model 1.1, October 31, 2015

- The brand new model 1.1 was launched.
- Add a brand new 03_PAGES folder with 16 new PSD recordsdata.
- Complete 61 PSD recordsdata within the purchasing archive.

Model; October 27, 2015

- First Model
- 45 beautiful PSD recordsdata authorised.

The PSD is grouped, layered, coloured and arranged effectively.


  • Google Raleway Supply
  • Open supply from Sans Google
  • Montserrat Google Supply


  • Free Icons based mostly on Font-Superior fonts
  • DepositPhotos Premium Internet hosting Icons

! I Please word: All photos are used just for the aim solely preview. They aren’t a part of the topic and are NOT included within the closing buy recordsdata. Full the supply recordsdata within the documentation.

Lastly, thanks for visiting our article. In the event you prefer it, don’t forget to provide me 5 stars price for the obtain web page. in the event you want any query concerning this merchandise, please be at liberty to contact us at


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