WICASTR brings information to the sting


Content material distribution is tough. You wish to maintain sufficient of it shut sufficient to favourite clients so that they don’t have to attend and scale back latency for brand new information. That’s why WICASTR created the SMART Edge Platform, a system for sending content material to the very edges of the community, together with appropriate native routers and entry factors.

“WICASTR is an ‘all in one solution’ for edge computing,” mentioned founder Armine Saidi. “We are like Android ecosystem but for access points, routers and other edge devices: we have hardware, operating system and app store solutions to develop or deploy applications at the extreme edge with a simple 1-click solution.”

The corporate raised $1 million and went via TechStars. Their edge platform was impressed by the occasions of the Arab Spring. The founders wished to create a system that may maintain injury brought on by governments attempting to close down networks.

“The team embarked on a mission to create technology to facilitate seamless and uninterrupted communications and content distribution via all smart devices in the event of deliberate mobile network shutdown by governments,” mentioned Saidi. This implies units on the community can act as content material suppliers, thereby guaranteeing information can’t go down throughout an assault.

The workforce has been collectively for seven years and so they have “deep domain expertise in IoT, wireless, software, hardware development, manufacturing and distribution.” They’ve launched with over 20 paying purchasers and work with Intel, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom to construct out highly effective edge supply.


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