MIT makes use of Lego to prototype low-cost micro pumps


Lego bricks (or, should you’re not a pedant, Legos) are extremely exact and extremely constant plastic objects. Wherever you go on the planet the Lego is identical. That implies that scientists at MIT can use these little sole stabbers to create very exact scientific techniques.

Their first checks contain making a microfluid pump and sorter utilizing primary Lego components. As a result of they will belief Lego bricks to be constant all over the world, they will simply create advanced microfluidics kits that may be assembled nearly wherever.

“You could then build a microfluidic system similarly to how you would build a LEGO castle — brick by brick,” stated lead writer Crystal Owens, a graduate pupil in MIT’s Division of Mechanical Engineering. “We hope in the future, others might use LEGO bricks to make a kit of microfluidic tools.”

The challenge does require slightly modification to the bricks together with working wonderful channels by them. Nonetheless, as a result of every brick and panel is so exact you don’t want far more than a drill and a few tubing to prototype a working microfluidics lab. Consider it as 3D printing with toys.

“Over the years, I’ve had peripheral exposure to the field of microfluidics and the fact that prototyping microfluidic devices is often a difficult, time-consuming, resource-intensive process,” stated Anastasios John Hart, affiliate professor at MIT.


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